Installing a Filter in the Ti Eyepiece Path

We recently set up a Nikon Ti microscope with a photobleaching / photoactivation rig. This required installing a second filter turret in the microscope, which meant we could no longer put the Sutter filter wheel directly underneath the filter turret, and instead had to put the filter wheel on the camera port. This means that we can no longer use the eyepieces for fluorescence imaging. To allow us to once again do fluorescence imaging to the eyepieces, and to provide additional laser safety by preventing the lasers from reaching the eyepieces (they’re already interlocked), I wanted to install a filter in the eyepiece path.

If you take off the eyepieces, there is a nice hole in the stage up block that the eyepieces mount into. It’s just a bit larger than a 25 mm filter and there’s plenty of space around it for a filter to sit. We have a 3D printer in lab, so it was simple to draw up an adapter that sits in the hole in the stage up block and in turn holds a standard 25 mm filter. ¬†You can see the results below.

TI-eyepieceeyepiece filter

The files for the part can be downloaded from the 3D parts page on the NIC wiki.

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  1. We generally just open them in our 3D printer software, but most 3D CAD programs should be able to open them as well.

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