Graphing Fluorescent Protein Properties

I spent the weekend learning d3.js, which is an javascript library for doing interactive graphics in the browser window. I used it to make a graph from my fluorescent protein list:

FPchartThe resulting graph plots excitation and emission wavelengths and brightness, and shows the identity of each protein on mouseover.  You can view it here.  I’m really only scratching the surface of what is possible with d3 (these examples show more of its power), and I hope to do more with it (and improve this graph) in the future.


New Fluorescent Proteins From DNA2.0

DNA2.0 has done something interesting: they’ve generated a bunch of new fluorescent proteins whose sequences are not covered by any existing patents. Specifically, they’ve taken a bunch of fluorescent protein sequences, shuffled them, synthesized the resulting sequences, and selected those that are fluorescent. These were then subjected to additional rounds of mutagenesis to produce their final set of fluorescent proteins. The entire process, and the resulting proteins, are described in this poster. They don’t describe the performance of these proteins compared to EGAP or other commonly used fluorescent proteins, so it’s hard to tell mprogood they are.  Neverthelessf thescoulredake y ue-fhe r.sourry fofur othed-levoppemoj unqueumbovered bIPhe rtrisectis.p;