Choosing a PC for High Speed Imaging, Part III

I’ve posted previously about our attempts to build a PC capable of the full 1.1 GB/sec data rate that the Andor Zyla is capable of. Yesterday, we got our PC back from Colfax International, who generously agreed to swap out the Intel SSDs we originally had for Samsung 840 Pro SSDs. With four of these SSDs in RAID 0, we can write data at 2.1 GB/sec.  So there’s no problem keeping up with the full data rate of the Andor Zyla.


Sequential read and write speed of our 1TB RAID 0 array, using 4GB writes of random data.

Of course, at 1.1 GB/sec, we’ll fill the entire 1TB array in about 15 minutes, but that’s a problem for another day.  My next task is to actually do some microscopy with this system.