The 2013 QB3/UCSF Course in Biological Light Microscopy

Apologies for the delay in blog posts – I’ve been co-directing the 2013 QB3/UCSF Course in Biological Light Microscopy for all of last week. We taught about 60 hours of microscopy over the course of 6 days, to 24 students.  It was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a good time. I’ve posted some photos from it.

In addition to a number of excellent local speakers who gave didactic lectures on various aspects of microscopy, we also had Loren Looger from HHMI Janelia Farm and Mark Schnitzer from Stanford in to give scientific lectures. Loren gave a great talk on the various reporters his lab has been developing, which include not only the GCaMP calcium reporters and the iGluSnFR glutamate reporter, but also some new cool things like a photoconvertible calcium reporter where the photoconversion efficiency is calcium dependent.  Mark Schnitzer talked about his amazing in vivo endoscopy imaging, which is now being commercialized by a new company, Inscopix.

If you’re interested in learning more microscopy, keep an eye out for the announcement for next years course.