Camera sizes

Following up on the previous post, I thought it would be worthwhile compiling the pixel sizes and numbers of some existing cameras:

SensorDimensions (mm)Pixel Size (micron)MegapixelsExamples
Sony ICX2858.98 x 6.716.451.45Photometrics Coolsnap HQ2, Andor Clara, many others
Sony ICX6748.8 x 6.64.542.83Photometrics Coolsnap Myo, Raptor Photonics Kingfisher V
Sony ICX69412.49 x 9.994.546.05Raptor Photonics Kingfisher V
Fairchild sCMOS16.6 x Neo and Zyla, PCO Edge
Flash 4.013.3 x Flash 4.0

This is a very truncated listing of the cameras out there, and basically only includes cameras I’m directly familiar with.  I’m also excluding EMCCDs and only including cameras 1.4 MP or larger. The vendors mentioned here all many other camera models and there are a number of other vendors out there, some of which make pretty interesting cameras.

Artemis CCD, a company I came across while doing research for this post, appears to make some pretty nice CCDs. I’d be curious to know more about them.

For larger format CCDs there are a number of companies that target both the astronomy and the biology market. Apogee and Finger Lakes Imaging are two I’ve seen a lot. Many of their cameras use Truesense (formerly Kodak) sensors, which come in very large formats, but generally seem to have lower quantum efficiency and higher read noise.