Fluorescent protein properties 

X Axis

Y Axis

Each fluorescent protein begins plotted with excitation wavelength on the x-axis and emission wavelength on the y-axis. The color is set based on its emission wavelength, and fades to gray as the brightness (product of exctinction coefficient and quantum yield) decreases. Intrinsically fluorescent proteins are shown as circles and proteins requiring an extrinisc cofactor are shown as squares. Dimeric proteins are indicated with a 2 inside the symbol; tandem dimeric proteins are shown with a t inside the symbol. Mouseover each circle to see info on that protein or click on any datapoint to see the corresponding reference on PubMed. You can zoom using the mouse scroll wheel and pan by clicking and dragging. Use the filter sliders at the top right to select a subset of fluorescent proteins based on certain criteria. Use the X and Y axis toggle boxes to change what is plotted on each axis.